Polybutylene pipe, or Poly-b as it’s often called, is a grey plastic pipe that was manufactured from the late ‘70s until the late ‘90s and used heavily in residential plumbing systems during that time. Its popularity was thanks largely to the fact that it was cheaper than the other most common piping at the time which was copper.

What's the problem?

Poly-b pipes were made in the 80's-'90's and were not built to last. They are made of plastic that is proving to cause significant leaks in your home.

What do i do, if I have Poly-B pipes?

If your Poly-b pipes do start to leak, you’ll generally see a problem first in just one spot in your home. This might be a water stain on the ceiling, or a single leak. If we come to investigate and discover that this leak is due to Poly-b pipes, we normally recommend replacing all the pipes in the house.

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