Travis BaddEley

  • Travis has over 18 years of experience in the plumbing industry and started Plumbing Possibilities in 2012. Travis has a strong work ethic that he applies to Plumbing Possibilities and instills in his staff. Travis specializes in all areas of plumbing including residential, commercial and service.

  • He is a Master Plumber serving Peterborough, The Kawartha and Durham Region

  • Provides professional, reliable and quality service

  • Extensive experience in major residential custom builds and

jacklyn Baddeley

  • Offering professional one on one fixture consultations

  • Extensive knowledge and training on plumbing fixture selection and application

  • Been in customer service for 15 years with specialty in plumbing fixtures for past 3 years

  • Been a part of many projects including custom builds, commercial work and major renovations

  • Thorough, professional, friendly, passionate

  • High importance on seeing project through start to finish

  • Goal to develop professional, special and long lasting relationships with my customers and clients

  • Supply fixture packages for customers based on their preferences and desires for projects

Brandon English & ROBIN GRAHAM

  • Proficiency in repair and renovation

  • Hands on education and knowledge making an asset to the business

  • Been instrumental in numerous residential and commercial projects